This website is a source of information, as precise and as up-to-date as possible, for all those interested in what was probably the craziest and certainly the most famous robbery in the history of crime. 

After installing a web counter, I found out there were surprisingly many people from abroad looking for information. So, I finally decided to make this page available in English, too. The translations are still in progress and will be hopefully finished by April, 2007. But even in those pages translated, you will find out easily they were originally German. I appreciate every hint from English-speaking visitors how to put it better!

Frequent re-runs of a mini TV-series about the Great Train Robbery "Die Gentlemen bitten zur Kasse", now almost legendary itself in Germany, started to make me curious. I wanted to know more. What did really happen in the 1963 Great Train Robbery?

Few issues have seen such a massive and consistant attention by the media. And there's a lot of poor journalism to be found: Was it a gang of 30 - or 15? Was Ronnie Biggs just one of them - or was he the "mastermind"? Was it 2.3 oder 2.38 million , and what's that in today's money? 15 million ? 100 Million $? And the train driver, he died from the injuries he suffered in the attack - or from blood cancer?

Basically, there's some kind of "standard"-version of the story, being copied from one author to the next, for more than 40 years now, and it's constantly loosing depth and accurancy on that way. But there are still interesting sources away from "mainstream" journalism. There are the autobiographies of some people involved, there are websites of some locations (which happened to be scenes of the crime), offering some interesting little interviews with old witnesses. There are faboulous collections like "The Great Train Robbery Files". And there are surprising sources out of the blue, like a report from the German railway monthly "Eisenbahn-Kurier", who have spoken with their English counterparts and brought up some very interesting details.

This Website is reporting those facts, which - after intense study of different sources like books, newspapers, TV documentaries and websites - seem to be most likely reliable. But still, every now and then, new things continue to emerge. So, this site is still under construction - in every respect. Therefore, I am grateful for every tip, source, tip and idea you might come up with!